BBT Fiber: Your Whole Home Solution for Streaming!

In today’s digital age, home entertainment has undergone a massive transformation, and BBT Fiber is at the forefront of this revolution. We understand that you’re tired of paying extra for channels you hardly ever watch. That’s where BBT Fiber steps in, offering you the ultimate home solution for all your streaming needs.

Imagine having the power to choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and how you want to watch it. With BBT Fiber, that dream becomes a reality. Plus, as a special welcome gift, you can get a free Roku device or one month of service absolutely free when you sign up.

Our lightning-fast, crystal-clear fiber internet speeds, which can go up to a Gig, ensure that your movie nights, sports parties, and gaming marathons are always a seamless and immersive experience. BBT Fiber is here to put you in control, allowing your family to enjoy uninterrupted streaming on your terms.

Welcome the future of home entertainment into your life with BBT Fiber. Join us in the streaming revolution and transform your home into the ultimate entertainment hub. Don’t wait; make the switch today!

Call our friendly customer service team at 800.592.4781 to sign up, with BBT!

* Limited-time offer. Restrictions apply. To qualify for this promotion, you must subscribe to a qualified fiber service with a two-year agreement. Promotional pricing is applicable for the initial 12 months of the contract agreement. This offer is valid until January 1st 2024. Void where prohibited by law. Free Roku Device will be installed with new service or one month of service credited to your account upon qualification.  

Offer valid for a limited time. Certain restrictions and conditions apply. To be eligible for this promotion, you are required to subscribe to one of our qualified fiber services with a two-year commitment. The special promotional rate is applicable for the first 12 months of the contractual agreement. This offer remains in effect until January 1, 2024, and is subject to legal restrictions. As part of this promotion, you’ll receive a complimentary Roku Device with your new service installation or have one month of service credited to your account upon meeting the eligibility criteria.

Sign up for this exclusive offer today!