Upgrade Your Internet,

Elevate Your Experience

At BBT, we’re thrilled to kick off the new year with an exclusive promotion – “New Year, New Connection.” We understand that a fast, reliable internet connection is essential for staying connected, working from home, streaming your favorite content, and more. That’s why we’re introducing exciting benefits for both existing and new customers.

For Existing Customers: We’re offering a special treat – a FREE speed boost to your current plan for three months! That’s right; you can enjoy faster internet at no additional cost. Experience the difference and maximize your online activities.

For New Customers: It’s your chance to save big! When you join the BBT family, you can enjoy substantial savings on your internet bill. Get $120 off during the first 12 months of service, making your high-speed internet experience even more affordable.

Terms and Conditions: This promotion comes with a two-year contract requirement. The $120 savings apply a rate reduced by $10 per month to the first 12 months of service. For upgraded customers, regular pricing will resume after the complimentary three-month speed boost. Should you wish to return to your previous plan during or after the three-month period, a $20 service charge will apply.