Enterprise Data Center Services Tailored to Your Business

Colocation, connectivity, cloud, managed solutions and professional services for companies in southwest Texas and beyond.

Make sure your company’s essential information is backed up in a safe and secure location. At BBT, we match your needs with cost-effective and scalable solutions. As a long time communications technology provider, we have the edge in developing reliable, compliant services for businesses of all sizes.

Our enterprise data center solutions are built on long-term relationships based on performance and trust.

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BBT’s Remote Hands service provides on-site technical assistance and support for managing and maintaining equipment in data centers.

BBT offers disaster recovery services to help businesses protect their critical data and systems in the event of a catastrophic event or disruption.

BBT’s Private Transport service enables businesses to securely transmit data between multiple locations using dedicated, private connections.

BBT’s Network Services include a range of solutions for businesses to enhance their network performance, such as network design, implementation, and management.

BBT offers Blended Bandwidth services that combine multiple internet connections to provide businesses with high-speed and reliable internet access.


BBT’s Carrier Neutral feature allows businesses to choose from multiple carriers for their internet and communication services, providing flexibility and options.

BBT prioritizes security and compliance, offering features and protocols to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data and systems.

BBT’s Multi-Tenant feature allows multiple businesses or organizations to coexist in a shared infrastructure while maintaining data segregation and security.

BBT provides businesses with dual fiber entries, ensuring redundant and reliable connectivity to mitigate the risk of network outages or disruptions.

BBT offers Private Suites, dedicated and secure spaces within data centers, allowing businesses to have exclusive control and customization over their infrastructure and environment.