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Stay connected with your loved ones, enjoy uninterrupted streaming and online gaming, and power your work-from-home journey with BBT’s fast and reliable connectivity. Our lightning-fast internet speeds enable lag-free gaming, smooth video calls, and quick access to important files and applications. With BBT, you can fully embrace the possibilities of home internet, empowering you to live, work, and play with confidence.

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*Two-year commitment required. Download and upload speeds are based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds/pricing may vary based on location.


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Discover the exceptional benefits of BBT Voice Service. Our voice plans are affordable, convenient, and adaptable to your needs. Experience crystal-clear communication with local and long-distance calling, along with a range of added features. BBT Voice bundles provide unmatched value.

With BBT Voice Service, you can enjoy the convenience and reliability of a landline phone, ensuring uninterrupted communication with your loved ones. Our voice plans are designed to suit your budget and lifestyle, offering cost-effective options without compromising on quality.