Big Bend Telephone Company Secures $25 Million Investment to Expand High-Speed Internet Access

November 7th, 2023



Alpine, TX — Big Bend Telephone Company, Inc. (BBT) has reached a significant milestone in its mission to connect rural communities to high-speed internet services. The company has successfully secured a substantial $25,000,000 investment from the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, in collaboration with a BBT capital contribution of $1,591,341, totaling $26,591,341. This substantial investment paves the way for the BBT Reconnect 4 Grant Project.

The BBT Reconnect 4 Grant Project focuses on the deployment of a state-of-the-art, fiber-to-the-premises network, adding over 272 linear miles of fiber optics in the rural Texas counties of Val Verde, Brewster, and Terrell. This initiative will empower more than 218 households within the region, specifically targeting areas outside the Colonia’s of Comstock, Langtry, and Terlingua Ghost Town, as well as portions of the rural subdivisions of Salem’s Point, Castle Canyon, Guajia Bay in Val Verde County, and Terlingua Ranch in Brewster County.

The Reconnect 4 Grant Project is aligned with BBT’s commitment to providing world-class telecommunication services, fostering economic development, and promoting enhanced quality of life in these socially vulnerable and remote areas. The project aims to make high-speed internet not only accessible, but also affordable. By participating in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs, BBT is working towards bridging the digital divide and ensuring that rural communities have the same opportunities as their urban counterparts.

This transformative investment highlights BBT’s unwavering dedication to strengthening connectivity and digital access across these rural regions. The development of this critical infrastructure ensures that residents, households, and businesses in Terrell, Val Verde, and Brewster counties are well-positioned to thrive in the modern digital age.

As BBT takes this significant step toward a more connected future, the company reaffirms its commitment to fulfilling the needs of rural America, and as a responsible corporate entity, enhancing the lives of the communities it serves.

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Press Contact: Rusty Moore, GM & COO, 800.592.4781,

About Big Bend Telephone Company: BBT is a leading telecommunications provider committed to connecting and serving rural communities across West Texas. For more than 60 years, we have remained at the forefront, offering innovative telecommunications services, which include high-speed fiber internet, voice, and data center solutions, to residents, institutions, and businesses.

BBT’s mission is to bridge the digital divide and continually invest in innovative solutions to make the digital world more accessible to everyone, focusing on providing our customers with exceptional services and support.

About USDA Rural Development:  The United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, is a government agency committed to supporting and advancing rural communities across the nation. USDA Rural Development partners with organizations, businesses, and entities, such as BBT, to provide vital financial assistance, programs, and initiatives that address the unique challenges faced by rural regions.

By facilitating partnerships with organizations like BBT, USDA Rural Development plays a pivotal role in transforming rural regions into innovative hubs, fostering sustainable economic growth, and improving the well-being of residents. The agency’s investments and support are critical components of building strong, interconnected rural communities that can thrive in the modern age.

Note to Editors: This press release is a general announcement and does not contain detailed technical information or specifics about the BBT Reconnect Grant Project. Additional technical details can be provided upon request.

Disclaimer: Funding for the BBT Reconnect 4 Grant Project is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, and is subject to applicable laws and regulations.