Does BBT offer payment arrangements?

Yes, we do! Just email and we will email you a payment arrangement document to sign.

How can I make a payment ?

Payments can be made by logging in to your online portal, using the pay by phone system by calling 844.592.4781, or mailing in a check/money order to 808 N 5th, Alpine, TX 79830.

How can I retrieve a copy of an invoice?

Retrieving an invoice is simple through the online billing system. Visit Customer Center at or click here.

How do I make changes to the authorized agents on my account?

Your account online has the ability to add and/or remove people currently authorized in the account.  Click here to login.

How to change the billing address?

Your account online has the ability to change billing addresses related to your account.  For guidance and additional help call 800.592.4781

Where can I see how fast my service is?

Select Customer Center at the top of and there is a link to the speed test.  You can also click here or Download the Command IQ App located through your online billing portal to test your speed and gain access to your router.

How can I reset my password?

Through your online billing portal, enter username and then to click on forgot password, you then will receive an email to verify your email via a verification link.

Can I make payments on my e-bill account using my checking account?

At this time we only accept checks by mail or auto-pay via ACH.

Do you have a map that shows your Fiber areas?

Our Fiber reach is always expanding! Please feel free to call our office at 800.592.4781 and we will verify your address for Fiber coverage.

Can I check my address online to see if Fiber service is available?

To ensure your specific address has access to Fiber services, we recommend you call our office at 800.592.4781 to verify coverage.  If coverage isn’t currently available, we may be able to tell you when it will be available in the future.

Are there resources available to help me pay my monthly bill?

Yes! Both the FCC Affordable Connectivity Program and the Lifeline program are resources available to help those with income constraints pay their internet and/or phone bills.  To learn more about the FCC ACP program, click here.  For more information on the Lifeline program click here.

Do you offer a Vacation Rate for broadband services?

Yes, BBT offers different vacation rate plans based on your needs of service. Call our office at 800.592.4781 to find out more.