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Unlock the exceptional benefits of BBT Voice Service. Affordable and convenient home landline telephone plans, adaptable to your needs. Experience crystal-clear communication with local and long-distance calling, plus added features. BBT Voice bundles offer unmatched value.

Stay effortlessly connected with BBT Home Landline Telephone Service, ensuring uninterrupted communication with your loved ones. Our voice plans are tailored to fit your budget and lifestyle, delivering cost-effective options without compromising on quality.

Bundle and Save with BBT Voice

Fiber Voice & Internet Bundle Max

  • Internet Speed up to 1 Gig ↓↑
  • VoIP Calling
  • All Voice Features Included

Fiber Voice & Internet Bundle Turbo

  • Internet Speed up to 500 Mbps ↓↑
  • VoIP Calling
  • All Voice Features Included

Fiber Voice & Internet Bundle Value

  • Internet Speed up to 100 Mbps ↓↑
  • VoIP Calling
  • All Voice Features Included

*Two-year commitment required. Download and upload speeds are based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds/pricing may vary based on location.

Voice Features

By pressing the Flash key when you’re on a call, you’ll get a second dial tone and can place a second call. Hit Flash again, and all three of you are conferenced. Again—no extra charge.

If there’s one area code you call frequently, even if it’s not your own, you can configure your service so you only have to dial 7 digits for these calls. From your Web Portal, set the Area Code to the one you dial frequently (for US/Canada only).

This feature combines traditional Call Forwarding and One Number (Find Me / Follow Me) services. You can have your calls ring simultaneously on your office, mobile and home phones, or they can be set up to ring sequentially in any order and with whatever delay you decide to set, on up to four different phone numbers. If you want to be found, this makes sure that you are! CallBlast is configured from your individual web portal.

Call waiting allows you to manage multiple incoming calls on the same phone line. When you’re already on a call, call waiting alerts you to an incoming call with a discreet tone. You have the option to put the current call on hold and answer the new call, or you can choose to ignore the incoming call and continue with your ongoing conversation.
With enhanced caller ID, not only can you see the caller’s phone number, but you also have access to additional information such as the caller’s name, location, and even a company identifier associated with the caller. This feature allows you to quickly identify who is calling before answering the phone, giving you more control over your calls and helping you make informed decisions on whether to answer or not.

You get a very sophisticated voicemail system with a personal greeting and have the option of forwarding voicemails as MP3 attachments to your email and/or sending notification via SMS to your mobile phone. You can access voicemail from your web portal by dialing 00 from your VoIP phone or by or dialing your VoIP number from any other phone. (Dial * once the announcement starts, and enter your password.)

If you have unheard voicemail and your phone supports MWI, then the MWI light will blink. If your phone does not support MWI, you will hear a warbling dial tone when you go to place a call.

If you’re relocating your home landline telephone, just log onto your Web Portal to update your 911 location effortlessly.

Our browser-based VoIP Control Panel (VCP) allows you to manage your account, configure CallBlast (our combination of Call Forwarding and One Number services) and view received calls, missed calls and dialed calls, and manage your voicemail. Log in at using 10-digit phone number and 1+zip code.

Devices can be moved and connected wherever there is internet access. Going on vacation? Bring your phone device with you and continue connecting with relatives and loved ones while maintaining all of BBT’s exclusive calling features.

You can also download a free Softphone application from your Web Portal (click on Great Options). The Softphone allows you to make and receive calls—even video calls—from your computer.

This allows you to call frequently-called numbers by pressing only one or two programed keys.

Pricing and promotions are dependent on location. Please call with your location to ensure you are quoted proper broadband pricing for your service area. Download and upload speeds are based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds will vary and are also affected by the number of devices being used simultaneously. Installation fees vary, depend on location and service, and may be waived with term agreement depending on location. A credit check and/or deposit may be required. Relocation of Service – $25.00 flat fee. Unlimited calling plans are valid only in the continental United States. Regular rates apply for Alaska and Hawaii (7 cents/minute). International rates apply.