The FCC Affordable Connectivity Program, a federal program designed to aid low-income families, is being phased out.

In a recent article from the Houston Chronicle, Karyn Arceneaux, a high school teacher from Humble, shared her experience of accessing high-speed internet for the first time through a federal program aimed at assisting low-income families in Texas. However, with the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides a $30 monthly stipend, set to run out of funding in April, Arceneaux and millions of others across the country face the prospect of losing internet access.

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The article sheds light on the challenges faced by low-income and rural communities in accessing reliable broadband services and underscores the economic impact of inadequate internet connectivity. With the digital economy increasingly reliant on internet access, this article features BBT’s efforts to expand high-speed internet access across West Texas, bridging the connectivity gap critical for ensuring equal access to opportunities.

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